Forget Lint™ Clothing and Cloth Restorer

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Our Patented copper head ensures long service life, making it easy to remove all sorts of unwanted items from the surface of your clothes such as cotton velvet, pet hair, bread crumbs, etc, without leaving a sticky residue. Perfect for cleaning clothes, bedding, furniture and car interiors.

Save Your Clothes!!! 

The Patented copper head is also great for restoring life to old dreery cloths. Just give them a quick shave with our Forget Lint™ clothing restorer and they will be restored like new soft as on day one. Get rid of lint from all sorts of fabrics from curtains, upholstery and more. The ultra portable design makes it perfect for any occasion. Fits in your makeup bag or toiletry bag. No batteries required so that you can always be able to get rid of lint. 

 Quick and easy to use - 

  1. Place fabric on an ironing board (if one isnt available you can use a bed or even leave the clothing on your body)
  2. Run the Forget Lint™ over the fabric many times till the patented copper head is full of lint/fuzz balls.
  3. Repeat till fabric is lint free or back to its desired softness.
  4. Repeat on all clothing you wish to restore.